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“You work on details that are not only financial but also legal, commercial, etc.

Baccaglini’s deal to purchase Palermo has yet to be completed, despite a deadline of April 30, but the Italo-American insists he and his team remain “committed” to taking the club off Maurizio Zamparini’s hands.

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“On the one hand, we are making every effort to speed up the transfer of ownership, and on the other we are focusing on every detail of the future management, so as to guarantee a皇冠外围投注 fully-positive 2017-18 season.”

“As is t21点官网he practice in these cases, there is a dedicated team working to complete the due diligence that covers the entire club and their activities.

“As I’ve already mentioned on other occasions, I can confirm that at this time, the work schedule is being dictated by finance technicians committed to completing due diligence,” he told the Rosanero’s official website.

“These demands are entirely consistent with the importance of the investment.

“The technicians at work have asked us for more time and the parties are working at 100 percent to meet all their demands with great timeliness, so as to speed up the closure of these operations.

Paul Baccaglini admits his Palermo takeover needs “more time” but assures it is in the due diligence stage.