ADL: H投注网站iguain didn’t want Callejon

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“It’s not a disappointment,” he was quoted as saying by Tuttonapoli.

“Maradona says he won two League titles and would never go to any other Italian team. It’s too easy otherwise.

“The unpleasant thing is that the brother told me Higuain complained about the scarcity of his teammates, but to me they didn’t seem so scarce, if we think that Mertens has 网络外围投注become a 30-goal striker.

“Still, it was his choice, one that was inopportune and without style. See where Cavani and Lavezzi went instead.”

“When you implement a release clause to avoid a transfer happening, if there’s someone crazy enough to pay up – and Juventus shouldn’t have – then Higuain shouldn’t have accepted.

“That’s extraordinary and I always reward the person, otherwise it’s just a cold and sterile contract. The problem was [Higuain’s].

“We’re the only team with four players who have hit double-digits in terms of goals.

De Laurentiis and Higuain have waged a w网上21点ar of words since the latter’s departure to Juve for €90m last summer, and the Napoli President made it clear the hatchet was far from buried on his part.

“[Higuain] had it in for Callejon, the brother kept repeating, plus when I extended Callejon’s contract.

“If the brother tells me that he&rsqu皇冠外围投注o;s gone [to Juve] to win, I could tell him that Juve have won so many Scudetti, even without him. He’s not so important to Juve.

Aurelio De Laurentiis claims Gonzalo Higuain “had it in for Jose Callejon” and that Juventus were “crazy” to pay an Italian-record fee for the ex-Napoli striker.